Sunday, 22 December 2013

How to draw nicely Parisian lives? The Parisianer is the answer

I do love reading interesting articles on foreign media, mostly related with financial markets and global economy. Though no need to follow new agenda if you are a person lives in Turkey, sometimes I want to be out of all those boring and stable topics. Today, New York Times introduces a French magazine to me, The Parisianer, in an article of art section of the newspaper. The headline calls my attention, simply, because of containing Paris. In fact, it sounds tempting not just telling about Paris, also saying an interesting ‘if so’ pattern, If The New Yorker Were Set In Paris. You can find more about both the writer’s idea and detailed content about The Parisianer in the article.

I am fully impressed by examples of The Parisianer’s covers: critical, smart, well pictured and narrator. After a quick search of other cover pictures I can find on internet, briefly, I can say that most of them tell life of a simple Parisian. Well, it is hard to say which one is the real Parisian’s life, ones who live under super big brands’ lights or one who are homeless near subway stations. To the point, The Parisianer successfully criticizes all of incompatibility of lives, city lights, Tour Eiffel’s worldwide fame, subways, bohemian life types and much more. As much as I can, I tried to gather all of the best cover pictures of the newspaper. Here you will find them. Soon, need to learn more about The Parisianer, maybe try to find a few issue if I can in Istanbul.

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